Imagine the energy, excitement and enthusiasm of your campaign volunteers combined with the technology, discipline and scale of a nationwide call center network. That's what we've built for you at ADG. 

Phone-based voter contact programs are one of the most effective mediums to gather information about voter behaviors and attitudes, as well as persuade, engage, and mobilize potential supporters. A real, interactive conversation between our voter contact specialist and a targeted voter can break through the clutter and make all the difference in gaining a voter's support and commitment to vote.  

Live Voter ID & Persuasion Calls

Phone programs allow you to communicate with voters with custom-tailored, carefully targeted messaging. Since it's a live conversation, they can also be responsive to an individual voter's responses and preferences. Our voter ID and persuasion programs incorporate targeted messaging that persuades voters based on their self-identified interests, while simultaneously gathering important on-the-ground intelligence about what factors weigh most heavily in an individual voter's decision making process. Using this data, campaigns can maintain awareness of what's going on in their race, and better refine ongoing outreach efforts.  

GOTV Calls

In the final push before Election Day, campaigns need to determine strategies to maximize turnout among their supporters while minimizing the amount of effort directed towards turning out opposition voters. ADG can work with your campaign to implement targeted outreach that incorporates the latest behavioral science research to maximize voter participation. We'll help your campaign sort through the haystack to find the right targets, and then effectively turn them out at the polls. 

Automated Calls

While automated calls have their limitations, they are a low cost option for reaching out directly to voters, and spreading campaign information. They have a variety of applications and can be utilized to increase name recognition, broadcast important campaign updates and information, set the record straight on important issues, as well as serve as reminders about upcoming events and opportunities. They can even include automated surveys that allow campaigns to gather critical response information from voters. We work closely with every campaign to determine where automated calls can be most impactful, and how to best target them to the appropriate audience. 


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