With the widening availability of Early Voting and Vote-by-Mail (VBM) in many states, the nature of get out the vote efforts is changing along with it. Perhaps counter intuitively, the availability of these voting innovations has been shown in several academic studies to reduce voter participation and turnout. Consequently, it is critical for campaigns to direct additional resources towards maximizing turnout when Early Voting and VBM are present. 

 When done right, early voting can expand voting blocks by increasing turnout in sporadic or low propensity voters, and give the campaign multiple opportunity to engage individual voters in order to maximize participation.  Successful efforts have the potential to free up the time of volunteers for other priorities by banking votes early, and can generate earned media and momentum in the closing days.  

early voting is one area where ADG's unique capabilities really shine

ADG has an extensive track record in dealing with the complexities of executing large scale early voting and vote-by-mail programs, and coordinating our activities with field and mail communications. 

Because we own and operate our own campaign call centers (as well as our own IT department) there is no lag time in making program adjustments as ballots come in, or data on new registrants becomes available.  We can nimbly make strategic and tactical adjustments to the program as it's running, and this agility is crucial to making the best use of the short time remaining before Election Day, as well as saving the campaign time and money that can be directed more productively elsewhere.


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