It's easy in the flurry of campaign activities to focus your efforts on reaching as many voters as possible while forgetting to evaluate why you are targeting a particular audience and whether those communications are making an impact. Campaigns are used to operating on gut and grit, but the reality is that there are powerful tools and approaches that campaigns can access that allow them to better understand and target different groups of voters with the most effective messaging and at the same time,  measure their impact.

data-driven communications programs can reduce cost, increase efficiency, and help you find the winning outcome. 

From voter lists and data-appends to targeting strategy, testing, and custom analytics, ADG understands the value of campaign data, and how to use it most effectively. While some of the most advanced tools may only be accessible to large campaigns, campaigns of every size can find ways to make their data an asset and use it to better understand their activities and improve outcomes. 

We know how campaigns employ message testing, randomized controlled experiments, predictive models, and microtargeting strategy. We'll discuss with you which tools might be appropriate for your size campaign. We have also worked with all the major modeling & analytics firms and have extensive experience delivering high volume, short form survey research. 


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