Case Study: Obama For America Ohio

In 2012, ADG provided data gathering analytics  as well as targeted telephone voter contact programs in all key battleground states for Obama for America(OFA). These tactical activities were part of the foundation to build and mobilize a grassroots force for Obama. 

In Ohio, our telephone engagement programs focused on vote-by-mail (VBM) and early voting, where for the first time ever, Ohio mailed a vote-by-mail application to every registered voter. This presented a unique opportunity for OFA to expand voter turnout efforts but there were also new challenges due to the complexity of the vote-by-mail rules in Ohio. 

 ADG made hundred of thousands of phone calls, aimed at a half a million targeted voters, identifying supporters and motivating them to submit their VBM application and return their ballot on time.

Program Design

The Early Voting Program we deployed had several distinct phases, each with its own objective, and were guided by precise targeting and coordination with the OFA mail program. These phases included:

  • Request Chase: ADG identified Obama supporters and, using analytical voter profile information, motivated voters to submit their application to vote-by-mail.
  • Ballot Chase: ADG identified Obama supporters from voters who had registered to vote absentee by mail, confirmed they had received their ballot and asked them to commit to returning their ballot immediately. Once the mailing deadline for absentee ballots passed, we modified the message so supporters understood their voting options if they failed to submit their ballot – e.g. they would be required to cast a provisional ballot on Election Day or hand deliver their ballot to their county Board of Elections office.
  • In Person Early Voting:  ADG identified Obama supporters from voters who had not registered to vote absentee and, using analytical voter profile information, persuaded them to vote early in person.


  • Obama won the critical state of Ohio by just over 100,000 votes (1.9%)largely due to the emphasis and resources directed toward its early voting strategy
  • Over a third of voters in Ohio used absentee ballots, an 11.8% increase in early voting from 2008
  • In addition to mobilizing tens of thousands of voters to vote via mail and early voting, ADG recruited thousands of volunteers to grow OFA's volunteer army of supporters. 




ADG Advantage:

  • We utilize a data-driven approach and tailored scripting to maximize voter interest and develop their stake in the campaign. 

  • With a national network of campaign call centers, our agents can more effectively establish a friendly rapport with voters on the initial conversation and during call backs, the end result being better persuasion and turnout.

  • Substantial in-house IT resources allows us to be nimble in our ability to make strategic and tactical adjustments to the voter contact program, which is critical for fast-changing early voting programs.