ADG is a leader in designing and executing successful grassroots campaigns. It’s what we do.  We’re not a public relations firm that occasionally dabbles in direct contact advocacy and electoral communications. Rather, these competencies are at the core of who we are and what we have been doing for more than four decades.

Our specialization has made us the firm of choice for numerous organizations. In fact, larger PR firms frequently call on us to contribute our expertise to their clients’ grassroots advocacy efforts. 

a firm with exceptional grassroots advocacy campaign experience

We leverage our extensive experience to identify, contact and recruit activists from targeted segments of the public to support our client's legislative, regulatory and communications goals.  We integrate online strategies into traditional approaches to maximize the impact of resources, and to create a dialogue with activists and supporters using multiple channels.

proven tools and strategies to help change the narrative, ignite activism in your stakeholders, and mobilize a broad and diverse group of fair-minded citizens to advocate for your interests. 

When it comes to your most important issues, it is critical that you develop your membership base and allies into a political force that can be quickly called to action and sustained for subsequent needs. Elected officials must hear from a cross section of their constituents that that they support your issues and are concerned and engaged in the outcomes.

That's why we help our clients develop and implement grassroots engagement strategies that effectively change the narrative in their favor and position their organizations as an enduring political force today and for years to come.


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