When developing advocacy campaigns, organizations need to build their outreach plan based on research and a solid understanding of objectives and anticipated outcomes. At ADG, every engagement program we plan is designed to be targeted, measurable, and refinable based on all available data and early campaign performance. This allows us to maximize our client's reach and impact. 

we use data and research to make engagement programs more effective, recruit a more diverse group of supporters, and increase the impact and level of activity for all your supporters

The most powerful grassroots coalitions of supporters are composed of a broad range of individuals from diverse and varied backgrounds, and as such, are not a monolithic group. With diverse reasons and interest for supporting your efforts, it becomes all the more critical to focus your resources on the best targets, with the best messaging, and through the appropriate mix of channels to reach potential activists and supports where they are.

We work with our clients to improve their ability to target and identify supporters and activists by auditing their existing communications plans and outreach approaches, conducting research to better segment and understand their membership and the outside audiences they wish to engage, as well as determine the research and analytics tools most appropriate to the scope of the campaign effort. After this, we  develop a campaign plan, complete with goals, objectives, and associated timelines.


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