Developing an organization's capability to influence public policy and legislative outcomes takes work. While some organizations run successful fly-by-night mobilization efforts without thinking about long term activist development, the most successful advocacy organizations go beyond short-term mobilization efforts towards building an enduring political force that stands the test of time. 

By actively working to identify and engage potential activists and supporters, organizations can ensure they have an engaged and committed core of individuals willing to take action on behalf of their most important issues, as well as a grassroots force in the community capable of countering opposition voices and campaigns that aim to shift public support in their favor. 

engaged activists are a renewable resource that can be activated again and again for your most important issues, while also serving as community representatives that expand your level of support and political influence over time.

Through our forty year history, ADG has recruited over 10 million grassroots activists, and building diverse networks of support is what we do every day. We know what it takes to quickly and efficiently identify, engage, and organize citizen networks willing to take action on behalf of your issues. These networks can become an enduring asset, capable of moving the needle on public opinion, influencing policy, legislation, and desirable incomes, and ultimately, allow you to protect interests, advance agendas, and achieve desired results.


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