While effective advocacy organizations lay the groundwork for their political activities by devoting resources to building public support for their issues and identifying citizen activists who support their positions and goals, there ultimately comes a time where advocacy organizations need to generate decisive action among their advocates in order to advance their interests or defend against political attacks. In these situations, quick action and a broad demonstration of public support can often be the difference between success or catastrophe.

mobilizing grassroots supporters to take specific actions to advance your interests is what we do- quickly, efficiently, and with a focus on objectives and results

ADG has an extensive track record of responding to difficult and/or rapidly changing circumstances in order to achieve desired outcomes. When the time to mobilize is now, we have extensive expertise engaging previously identified supporters or identifying target audiences that can be quickly mobilized or persuaded to take concrete actions that advance your objectives.Whether you need them to call or write a letter to their representatives, attend a community event, educate their neighbors, or something else-- ADG knows how to craft a strategy that combines different asks and outreach channels to achieve the desired outcomes.


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