While mass media approaches offer significant reach to quickly broadcast a message, tailored and personalized communications through a mix of channels are the most effective way to engage and influence individual citizens to take action. They offer the opportunity for advocacy campaigns and organizations to have a two way conversation with potential supporters and activists, and to quickly identify individuals willing to spread the message to others in their personal networks and communities. 

ADG specializes in delivering your organization's messages through a mix of channels, including phone, mail and community events, as well as digital and online approaches.

targeted communications allow advocacy organizations to appeal to specific audiences in the language that resonates with their values, creating a more diverse coalition of support across the community

The development of an activist base requires an organized outreach effort that speaks specifically to targeted audiences in the language and values that resonate with them. By targeting multiple constituencies and demographic groups with tailored appeals and messaging, organizations have the opportunity to broaden their voice beyond their expected base of support to include a diverse group of citizens advocating on their behalf from unexpected corners of a community, thereby increasing  visibility and political impact.

Over time, these folks can be nurtured to become more active and their commitment to your issue deepened.  Activists respond to activity and the feeling that they are part of something.  An organized, targeted outreach program to identify and activate individuals from the ground up will bolster the breadth and depth of any advocacy organization's position.


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