When engaging in grassroots outreach efforts, there are a number of audiences an advocacy organization can engage to productively work towards their interests, and Influentials are one such high-value audience. Influentials are individuals, who by nature of their personal qualities and position, are well-known and command a sphere of influence within their respective communities. An Influential might be a prominent citizen, local business leader, a member of an important group, one of the most civically engaged persons in a community, etc. 

influentials are high value allies who, once recruited, can utilize the strength of their social networks and close community ties to generate significant goodwill for your efforts to build support while also serving to neutralize opposition efforts from those coalescing against your interests

 Influentials should be courted and educated on how your issues affect their personal beliefs and interests, and encouraged to directly and indirectly spread the organization's message through their spheres of influence. Due to their level of engagement in the community, Influentials need a higher quality level of communication, and a more carefully planned contact pattern in order to capture their attention and successfully recruit them as advocates for your cause.

ADG has extensive experience successfully executing these kinds of programs time and time again, and can help your organization successfully identify these community members and engage them to become powerful, long-lasting advocates on behalf of your cause. 


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