History of American Directions Group



Our founder is legendary political consultant Walter (Wally) Clinton, who more than 40 years ago pioneered some of the earliest direct voter contact efforts, and was one of the first to take advantage of the power of the telephone to quickly reach and engage voters. Wally was inspired to enter politics by the Civil Rights movement of the 1960's and as an army veteran opposed to the Vietnam war. He first came to Washington in 1968 to work on Bobby Kennedy's Presidential campaign. After working on George McGovern's primary campaign and several congressional races during the 1972 election cycle, Wally founded The Clinton Group (later to become American Directions Group), and expanded his political work to include issue advocacy and membership engagement for a number of professional associations and trade unions.

Wally continued his work with campaigns and advocacy organizations over the following decades, and has been involved in every Presidential campaign since 1968. Wally was one of the first consultants to develop data-driven communications programs and he leveraged new technologies to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our programs, while also utilizing the data gathered from voter conversations to develop more comprehensive microtargeting approaches.

Today, after more than four decades, American Directions Group continues to work with campaigns and advocacy organizations to engage and mobilize voters to take action, whether it be by doing their civic duty on Election Day, or by recruiting them to take a stand on important issues that affect them individually and as a community. Based in Washington, DC with campaign and research centers located around the country, ADG remains a premiere direct contact advocacy firm, and speaks with millions of voters every year to capture their opinions, or move them to action.

Our clients include candidate and ballot measure campaigns of all sizes, party organizations, associations, advocacy organizations, research organizations, political pollsters and public affairs firms.