Case Study: Agricultural Association Membership Engagement


A state association affiliated with a national agricultural association sought to increase the level of participation of their members in political activity.

While there were a number of upcoming legislative issues that were important to the interests of their members, the association needed a way to identify core activists that could be relied upon as well as increase the engagement level of the overall membership. 

ADG Solution

Leveraging a key federal policy issue that was open for public comment, engage the state association membership through an education and mobilization campaign designed to identify core activists and raise overall engagement levels. 


  • Contacted and engaged 70% of their membership
  • 49% of members contacted committed to submitting public comment
  • 34% of members were patched through to speak with their legislator
  • Identified a group of key activists within the organization, and laid the groundwork for increased activism and political influence on state and federal issues.
  • Increased the size of the membership e-mail list by 215%



ADG Advantage:

  • With only a month before the public comment period closed, experience and rapid-fire execution was needed to make an impact in time.

  • Carefully timed, repetitive contacts through a mix of channels allowed us to catch the attention of their busy membership

  • Program design incorporated multiple actions that members could take in order to measure levels of engagement.