Case Study: Rallying Community Support


A successful local business was looking to expand and build a new facility to meet their growing business needs. Once they located an ideal site, city council approval for their rezoning request was required. 

A vocal opposition group within the community was pressuring the city council members to deny the business' request. Despite their substantial community redevelopment plan, the council was evenly split on approving the request, with the city council vote set to occur in five days. 

ADG Solution

In less than five days, identify and mobilize supporters of the expansion plan from the general public, and recruit them to support the rezoning request by contacting their city council members and attending the public hearing before the vote. We utilized a message that spoke to the positive benefits of this expansion for the community: jobs, economic development, and new community spaces. 


  • Generated more than 500 patch-through calls to the city council and the mayor voicing support for the business expansion plan and it's benefits. 
  • Recruited more than 150 residents to attend the city council meeting. 
  • Effectively influenced the city council and achieved an overwhelming vote in favor of the rezoning request (7-2)



ADG Advantage:

  • Quick to action, we built a targeted contact plan and were out in the field in less than a day. 

  • Since time and budget were both important factors, we evaluated the results after the first two days and re-targeted resources towards mobilizing the audiences most likely to support the expansion. This increased the total number of patch-throughs and voters recruited to attend the event by 25%