We believe effective phone-based voter contact programs aren't measured by the number of dials or contacts made, but the quality of every interaction. That's why we have built the largest in-house network of campaign call centers in the country. While the model for most firms in our industry is to outsource 100% of their projects to multipurpose commercial call centers, ADG hires representatives who are passionate about our campaigns, and trains them in the best practices for effective political engagement. Our voter contact specialists work tirelessly every day to advocate on behalf of our clients.

strategic guidance

Every campaign we work with receives personal attention as we help them to craft a voter contact plan that meets their needs and budget. Based on our years of experience and the most up to date research, we'll give you guidance on which tactics, approaches, and scripting will lead to the most successful campaign outcomes.

passionate representatives = winning outcomes

Whether it's persuading voters to change their mind, recruiting volunteers, or mobilizing them to do their civic duty on Election Day, our clients know that our voter contact specialists make a tremendous impact on the quality and overall outcome of every program we run here at ADG.

And an ever growing body of political research and field experiments continue to validate that our specialized approach works.

a data-driven approach

As one of the largest political research firms in the country, we also bring a data-focused mindset to every project, and seek to leverage the voter data we acquire to optimize campaign efforts and measure results. This kind of political intelligence can prove invaluable in directing campaign resources towards a winning outcome. 


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