Voter helplines can serve a pivotal role when engaging in broad based voter contact and mobilization programs. Since the peak time for campaign volunteers to be out on the ground mobilizing voters is exactly when these phone calls start to rise in volume, outsourcing the logistical challenges involved can save the campaign headaches and allow staff to focus their efforts on the campaign's top priorities while still offering voters the ability to reach out to the campaign.

voter helplines serve as a central hub for voters to engage the campaign, and provide them with critical polling place location information, updates on voter registration and early voting requirements, assistance completing paperwork, coordination of rides to the polls,  or even direct them to campaign legal resources if voter suppression issues arise. 

The helpline can also serve as the "eyes and ears" of the campaign's ground game, as we can communicate to the campaign the most common issues and problems that are being reported by voters, as well as provide detailed reporting on call volumes and other statistics. We can also link our systems to external ones to allow our representatives to look up voter information, registration status, polling locations, etc...

Some of the features these programs can include:

  • Custom hotline phone numbers
  • Automated, fully staffed (English and/or Bilingual), or blended
  • Direct connect voters with specific issues directly to campaign staff, attorneys, or other campaign representatives
  • External database lookups / voterfile matching
  • Detailed reporting on who, when, and why a voter called

ADG has significant experience implementing these kinds of programs, including for statewide races and presidential campaigns. We work directly with the campaign to market the hotline as part of campaign communications so that voters know where to turn when they need it. 


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