More than 17% of the US population is Latino/Hispanic, and over 11% of voting age adults, making Latinos the largest ethnic minority in the country. With more than 50,000 Latinos estimated to turn 18 each month for the next two decades, overlooking Latino voters will start to become a blunder campaigns can't afford to make. In fact, in some areas of the country, it already is. 

recruiting bilingual volunteers is a challenge for many campaigns, and ADG can help.

One of the challenges in targeting Latino populations for campaigns is the difficulty in determining language preferences. While many Latinos in this country are comfortable speaking in English, there are many for whom English is not their first preference. For this reason, it's important for campaigns to meet Latino voters where they are, and speak to them in the language they are most comfortable. The reality is that not only is language preference important, but so is matching the voter to a campaign representative that speaks the dialect they are most familiar with.

with a variety of accents and regional dialects available, we can make engaging Latino voters a reality

That's why when we expanded our bilingual capabilities a few years ago, we focused on recruiting truly bilingual speakers from a variety of different dialects and backgrounds. Our bilingual capabilities are another distinction that cannot be matched by any other firm, and allows our voter contact specialists to speak to individual voters in their own language. Combined with the right messaging and targeting, it's a powerful combination. 


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