Recruiting enough volunteers to reach voter contact goals is an issue for every campaign. While campaigns rely on volunteers and staff to drive their voter contact efforts, building name recognition and creating awareness are critical to establishing the viability of a campaign and building the groundwork for a network of donors and activists. 

early engagement means more volunteers, more community engagement, and better fundraising

It is never too early to start communicating a campaign's message and winning the support of voters. In fact, engaging select audiences before traditional field programs typically start can bolster support, create earned media opportunities, ward off challengers, and show prospective donors that the campaign is a worthwhile investment. 

Even the Obama campaign, which was praised for the strength of its historic volunteer mobilization efforts, relied on paid voter contact services to get out its message and expand its volunteer capacity. 

find the right voters willing to take action

We'll help you identify the highest value audiences to target so the campaign can maximize its reach, and build a true grassroots base in the community. After determining the appropriate audience, we can quickly and efficiently engage these targets and recruit them to take specific actions on behalf of the campaign, such as volunteering their time, providing their e-mail address, canvassing their friends and neighbors, or putting up a yard sign.


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