American Directions Campaign Group. We Deliver Victory.

Since 1972, American Directions Campaign Group has worked with Candidate, Ballot Measure, Issue Advocacy, and Public Affairs campaigns ranging from local campaigns all the way up to the national level. We provide campaigns, causes, and advocacy organizations targeted, data-driven  grassroots communications programs that achieve measurable results.


Data, Research & Analytics

You can cross your fingers and hope your ideas work.....or you can test them. Successful campaigns start by determining the data and metrics that define success. We help you identify and target the right audiences with the right messaging. 

targeted communications

Targeted CommunicationS Programs

Tailored, personal communications are the most effective way to influence, engage and mobilize your audience to action. We provide targeted, individual communications at a mass communications scale.    


Grassroots & Issue AdvoCacy

When it comes to your key issues, engaging activists and building a public base of support can make all the difference. We help identify, persuade, and mobilize fair minded  individuals who support your objectives to take action and change the narrative in your favor. 


Voter Engagement & Constituent Contact

Whether running for office or already elected to one, we help you increase name recognition, recruit volunteers, build support in the community, and turn out supporters on Election Day. We speak to and engage voters every day.